New Orleans Breast Lift Review 2315

After months of breast feeding, my breast were like flat and hung low. My midsection always looked pregnant and didn’t respond too well to exercise (or healthy eating) even at my ideal weight. I’d have to be at an unrealistic weight for it to be anywhere near flat. My shape was always boxy and I wanted curves. After PS consultation, I decided to get a breast lift with fat transfer and liposuction. The procedure went very well. I had no bruising at all (surgeon had good technique), but did have swelling which is expected. My pain was manageable, but felt better after I stopped the narcotics. I took one week off, but in hindsight, 2 weeks would’ve given me more time to rest. I loved the compression garment and still occasionally wear a lighter 2nd phase garment because I like the feel after so many weeks in the compression garment. At 2 months out, I still have some swelling, but can still see the wonderful shape I now have. I would definitely recommend taking before pictures to track your progress as time goes on. I wish I had photographed my journey. As soon as I can post some good comparison photos I will.


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