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My butt looks so flat! Are there options to get a fuller, rounder butt without doing hundreds of squats every single day? The answer is yes! You can with the help of a Brazilian butt lift also known as a BBL. On the rise in popularity throughout the U.S and in New Orleans, this cosmetic procedure is being chosen more and more by patients to improve the look of their backside. Let’s face it, your butt and everything else seems to change with age, weight loss, hormones, and lifestyle. Sometimes, a little cosmetic help can go a long way. So why not invest in a curvier backside with the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon who knows how to create shape and fullness to your butt? Dr. Jules Walters of New Orleans provides this transforming procedure and offers some helpful information on what this cosmetic treatment entails and how it can get you back to loving your backside

Redefining Your Butt with A Bbl

A Brazilian butt lift utilizes your own body fat, taken from other areas of the body, like the stomach or thighs, to augment or enhance your butt. No matter what age or body type, patients who want a more plump, shapely butt can consider this procedure instead of butt augmentation with implants. Utilizing your own body fat with a BBL is a natural way to put it back into your body to improve the size or shape in a certain area, like your butt. In addition, because liposuction is used to remove fat from another area, New Orleans patients can get the benefit of slimming down one area while also enhancing their buttocks.

The Issues a Bbl Can Address

Over the past years, the Brazilian butt lift has been getting more buzz about being the natural, alternative way to creating a more youthful looking butt. As we age, our butt is not excluded from the aging process. Even patients that have lost a substantial amount of weight deal with loss of volume or shape to certain areas such as their butt. Here are some issues patients considering a BBL can improve:

  • Buttocks that looks deflated due to a loss of volume that happens with age
  • Buttocks that are flat or lack shape (due to genetics)
  • Loss of shape due to weight loss
  • Asymmetrical buttocks

It is important to note that loose skin in the buttocks is an issue that a BBL cannot address. The best candidates for this surgery will have moderately good skin laxity that will look shapely and fuller once the fat is injected.

The Bbl Process Explained

A Brazilian butt lift procedure involves a couple of steps with your plastic surgeon. The first step involves small incisions for liposuction where the surgeon uses a cannula instrument to extract excess fatty tissue from another part of the body typically in the stomach area or thighs. Once the fat is extracted, it is taken through a purification process so that only the healthiest fat cells are used to be transplanted back into the butt area. This healthy fat is then injected back into the buttocks with precision by your surgeon and massaged into place properly so the BBL can provide a shapely, round, smooth result.

Do Your Research on Surgeons

Like with all cosmetic surgeries or treatments, the plastic surgeon you choose is very important for a good outcome. With a Brazilian butt lift, it takes excellent surgeon skill and a good eye to ensure that the right amount of fatty tissue was removed with liposuction and then contoured correctly so that the buttocks area has the desired volume and shape. Patients also want a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Walters, who is skilled in the process of liposuction. This procedure is a dual process involving two unique cosmetic surgeries. Excellent surgical care and skill needs to be a priority for both parts of the BBL process when undergoing this procedure.

The Preferred Option

When it comes to enhancing your butt, a Brazilian butt lift is the preferred procedure amongst New Orleans patients versus getting butt implants. A Brazilian butt lift provides the autologous method of fat grafting and can create a more natural looking end result as compared to butt implants. The liposuction procedure can take away unwanted excess fat in one area while the fat injections with it can give patients more of the highly-desirable hourglass figure to their butt. A Brazilian butt lift, in comparison to its counterpart of implants, requires less scarring and gives patients a quicker recovery. It also eliminates the worry about implant complications, even though rare, of body rejection or implants rupturing.

If you are ready to make a change to your backside and improve the look and shape of your butt then cosmetic surgery with a Brazilian butt lift may be an excellent option for you. Your first step is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has the experience, surgical skill, and reputation known for delivering outstanding outcomes with this procedure.

During your consultation, you will be assessed to determine if you have enough body fat to transfer effectively. It is important to ask all of the right questions, so make a list before your consultation. In addition, during your meeting with the surgeon, request to see actual BBL patients with before and after photos as well as determine with the surgeon which area you want to contour and reshape with the help of liposuction. At our New Orleans plastic surgery center, Dr. Walters will discuss all of your options and create a customized plan for you that will detail the steps involved to give you the beautiful results you desire. A plumper, rounder backside can be yours with a Brazilian butt lift. Call or schedule your BBL consultation with Dr. Walters today!

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