How Can Rhinoplasty Reshape Your Nose?

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Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping, is one of the most popular procedures performed by plastic surgeons today, right behind breast augmentation. Despite its popularity, this intricate and complex surgery comes with a lot of questions. Over the years, nose reshaping techniques have been perfected to create more natural-looking results and allow patients an easier recovery period. Is there something about your nose you want to change? When rhinoplasty is performed by an experienced, skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Jules Walters, it is a procedure that can leave you feeling much happier about how you look.

Dr. Jules Walters is a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Dr. Jules Walters in Metairie, LA. Dr. Walters has extensive surgical and medical experience with cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. If you are considering rhinoplasty and need answers to your questions, choosing the right plastic surgeon will ensure the best outcome. Learn more about different rhinoplasty types and techniques, plus general information to know beforehand, so you can be better prepared.

An Overview of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, is a highly complex surgery. The nose is the only facial feature that is 3-D in shape. Even small structural changes can create a more balanced look and give patients dramatic results. Patients looking to correct a deviated septum, fix a broken nose, or eliminate a cosmetic imperfection should find an experienced plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty surgery is a balancing act, as plastic surgeons must ensure the nose still functions properly while achieving a patient’s aesthetic goals. Patients should trust their plastic surgeon has a keen eye for detail, and the surgical experience necessary to perform this delicate surgery. During the consultation appointment, here are some pertinent questions to ask:

  • Can I see before-and-after photos of actual patients?
  • What surgical technique will you use to reshape or fix my nose?
  • How many rhinoplasty procedures do you perform each month or each year?
  • Do you have computer technology to simulate the surgical plans for my surgery?

Nose Reshaping Help You May Need

Many New Orleans patients have undergone rhinoplasty surgery. While popular for cosmetic reasons, even a medical need to fix an injured nose or a deviated septum can be accomplished. In some cases, patients have tackled both types of issues. Working closely with a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Walters can address any medical or aesthetic concerns a patient may have with their nose. Some common cosmetic reasons why patients choose nose reshaping surgery are:

  • Need to correct a crooked or asymmetrical nose
  • Redefine a bulbous tip to create more balance
  • Narrow the bridge of the nose
  • Smooth out a bump or hump on the bridge of the nose
  • Narrow or widen the nostrils
  • Shorten the length of the nose
  • Internal obstruction affecting the ability to breathe properly

Facts About Rhinoplasty Types and Techniques

There are two surgical techniques used to perform rhinoplasty surgery – closed and open. Patients must find a plastic surgeon that has extensive experience with both types. Here is a look at each one of these techniques.

Closed rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is performed by making small incisions within the nostrils. It allows the plastic surgeon to make changes to the nose without having to lift the nasal skin. Closed rhinoplasty, also called endonasal rhinoplasty, is considered less invasive and best suited to address features that are less complicated to correct. There is no visible scarring, involves a quicker recovery period, and typically a shorter surgical procedure when compared to an open technique.

Open rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is performed from the outside of the nose. It requires a small incision on the soft tissue between the nostrils. Also known as external rhinoplasty, the primary benefit of this technique is to improve accuracy for recontouring the nose to achieve a patient’s aesthetic goal. A preferred method, with most plastic surgeons, it generally requires lengthier recovery time and will leave minimal scarring, which will fade in time.

When deciding to undergo rhinoplasty surgery, there are many factors to consider. At the top of the list should be your surgical care. Nose reshaping requires surgical skill and creative touch to provide each patient with the necessary functionality and aesthetic balance with this intricate surgical procedure. Qualifications and experience are a top priority when deciding on who should perform your rhinoplasty surgery. If you are considering rhinoplasty, and live in the New Orleans area, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jules Walters. You can have the nose you always wanted and feel better about how you look today.

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