How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost: Plan Your Procedure With Confidence

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Choosing to have breast augmentation surgery is a momentous decision for many women, involving a significant amount of research, soul-searching, and planning. While it should never be the deciding factor, cost is often one of the most important considerations. Many patients have questions like how much does breast augmentation cost, what should they expect, and how should they budget for breast augmentation surgery.

To alleviate some of these concerns, let’s explore the financial side of breast augmentation surgery, including factors that influence the cost of your procedure. Keep reading for information and resources to help you make surgical decisions with knowledge and confidence.

Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 155 Front View in Metairie and New Orleans, LA
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 155 Right Side View in Metairie and New Orleans, LA
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 155 Left Oblique View in Metairie and New Orleans, LA
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 155 Left Side View in Metairie and New Orleans, LA
Before & After Breast Augmentation

What’s the Cost of Breast Implants?

The truth is that many factors come into play when determining the price of your rapid recovery breast augmentation procedure. While pricing varies widely, the average cost of breast augmentation in the United States is $4,294, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, this price tag only reflects the surgeon’s fee and does not include related costs like the ones we’ll explore below.

The best way to get a comprehensive idea of your procedure pricing is by scheduling a personalized consultation with your plastic surgeon. You will receive a detailed price estimate following your consultation, but you should always feel comfortable asking additional questions about specific costs.

Like most plastic surgery practices, we do not accept health insurance for breast augmentation, but we do offer patient financing plans to spread out your costs over time.

Factors Influencing Breast Augmentation Cost

Just as every patient is unique, pricing for breast augmentation is not one-size-fits-all. Your procedure cost varies with several key factors, including:

  • Your surgeon’s experience level. Choosing an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon with proven breast augmentation experience is essential. You should always ask to see their before-and-after breast augmentation photos featuring real patient results.
  • Where and when you have your surgery. Your geographic location impacts cost—plastic surgery pricing is usually higher in a metropolitan versus rural location. Also, surgical costs may be higher during the high-demand winter months, when you can more easily conceal swelling under layers of clothes.
  • The type of implants you choose. Typically, saline implants cost less than silicone or gummy bear implants, but you should always let your aesthetic vision dictate your decision over cost. Your surgeon will guide you to the implant that will create a look you love and complement your frame.
  • Anesthesia and hospital fees. You’ll want to ensure the surgeon you choose has full operating privileges at a hospital or fully accredited surgical center. We perform breast augmentation as an outpatient procedure at select surgery centers; surgery center fees are usually less expensive than inpatient hospital fees. If you opt to combine procedures by having a breast lift with augmentation, the cost will ultimately increase, but you will benefit by having only one recovery window and one set of anesthesia and hospital fees.
  • Post-op care. Your post-op protocol is likely to include follow-up visits and items to support your breasts and the healing process. These may include pain medications, a surgical bra, and scar therapy. Costs may vary based on your unique recovery needs.

Breast Fat Transfer vs Implants

Some women prefer a more natural approach to breast augmentation called fat grafting or fat transfer. Instead of inserting a breast implant, I take unwanted fat from one area of the body and use it to enhance your breasts. Many patients appreciate the chance to slim their physique while increasing breast size. However, it’s important to note this approach results in a subtle increase in breast size versus the dramatic results we can achieve with breast implants. In some cases, we perform breast fat transfer in conjunction with breast implants to complement and perfect your desired results. Note that the surgical approach we take affects your final price tag.

You can learn more from Dr. Walters about breast fat transfer by watching this quick video:

Parting Thoughts on Breast Augmentation Cost

The cost of breast augmentation surgery varies widely depending on individual priorities and factors. While price understandably plays an essential role in your decision, it should never be the deciding factor. In addition to price, we encourage you to prioritize these considerations:

  • Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with a proven track record of safety, excellent results, and high patient satisfaction.
  • Ensure you receive a detailed price estimate that includes surgeon’s fees plus any additional expenses related to your procedure and recovery. This will help you compare other price estimates more accurately.
  • Do your research before meeting with prospective breast surgeons, and ask as many questions as necessary during your consultation. You should feel comfortable—and empowered—before proceeding with your breast augmentation surgery.
  • Opt for a practice that works with well-regarded health care financing companies, so you have flexible options for payment.

Take the Next Step!

Are you ready to boost your self-confidence by enhancing your breasts? Find out how much your rapid recovery breast augmentation will cost by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Walters. We encourage you to request a consultation online or call our practice at (504) 517-6200.

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