How To Find a Good Plastic Surgeon For Your Cosmetic Procedure

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Once you have decided that a cosmetic procedure can make you feel more confident and enhance your life, the next big decision is choosing a plastic surgeon. There is no one-size-fits-all surgeon or practice. The first task is to settle on what you consider the most critical traits for a surgeon, such as skill, experience, training, and comfort level.

This post provides helpful information on how to choose a plastic surgeon. While it is not an exhaustive list, it is a good starting point for your research.

Look for Board Certification

This can be a confusing term, but board certification simply means that your plastic surgeon has undergone a rigorous certification process by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). This is the only aesthetic surgery board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Board certification should be at the very top of the list of your criteria as you consider plastic surgeons.  

A board-certified surgeon has the necessary training and compliance with strict safety standards to perform your surgery as safely and skillfully as possible. To confirm if a surgeon is board certified, you can review their website’s “About” page or ask them directly.

Look Into Their Specialization

Plastic surgeons are trained in both facial and body procedures, but some may specialize in a specific area. You should pick a surgeon who frequently and successfully performs the cosmetic procedure you are interested in. When plastic surgeons focus on a procedure, they have extensive experience and use advanced techniques to achieve the best results.

At the MODERN Plastic Surgery & Medspa, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters specializes in several areas. During his training, for example, he worked extensively in micro-vascular breast and trauma reconstructive surgeries. He also has specialized training in liposuction and is one of the few surgeons to become a Total Definer Master in high-definition liposuction. His patients can enjoy a more sculpted profile with this innovative body contouring procedure.

Review Before-and-After Photos

Most plastic surgeons will feature before-and-after photos of cosmetic procedures on their website. Photos are an excellent way to assess the surgeon’s skills and expertise and to picture what your results will look like.

When reviewing these photos, consider whether the results look natural, if the patients have a similar facial structure or body type to yours, and if you find the results appealing. Reviewing photos can help you narrow down which surgeons you want to consult.

Gauge Your Comfort Level With the Surgeon

Feeling confident and comfortable with the plastic surgeon you choose is essential. One visit may not be enough to build a rapport or gauge your comfort level with the surgeon. It’s a good idea to schedule a few consultations with different plastic surgeons and bring a list of questions with you to each one.

The surgeon’s manner of conversation and readiness to answer questions are good indicators of whether the surgeon is a good fit for you.

There is much to consider when choosing your plastic surgeon, so take your time. For more help with choosing the best plastic surgeon for you, request a consultation at our Metairie, LA, practice or call us at (504) 517-6200 to schedule an appointment.

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