How To Find A Mommy Makeover Surgeon and Why Experience Matters

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy can change a woman’s body. When a healthy diet and regular exercise can’t make a mom’s body completely bounce back, turning to some outside help may be necessary. In some cases, a mom just needs a little help to get their body back. A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures to give mom a slimmer, more fit-looking physique. It can be anything from a tummy tuck, breast implants, or liposuction — even adding in some beneficial noninvasive options like BOTOX. Every mom deserves to look her best, so a mommy makeover can be the answer, especially in the qualified hands of a skilled plastic surgeon.

Dr. Jules Walters is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New Orleans. His extensive experience in helping moms with makeover procedures is a primary focus of his practice. Dr. Walters wants to help give moms back their pre-baby look so they feel better about their appearance after having children. Finding the right plastic surgeon is an important part of the mommy makeover process. Here is what you should look for if you are considering this procedure.

Transforming More than One Area at A Time

A mommy makeover is a wonderful way for a mom to get herself back. Most moms struggle to find the time to put themselves first so considering a mommy makeover can be a way to get your old self back, and maybe even improve it! In some cases, a consistent regimen of exercise and a healthy diet can’t change certain issues. Common areas that moms consider for their makeover are the breasts, tummy, and other areas where weight gain from pregnancy has settled. A mommy makeover can help change certain areas so a mom can feel better about how she looks.

Finding a Reputable Plastic Surgeon

A mommy makeover is customized as to what each mom needs. It typically consists of two or more cosmetic procedures that target certain areas affected by pregnancy. Some of the most popular combinations are a tummy tuck with a breast lift including implants. Another common treatment is vaginal restoration which can restore the vaginal area due to childbirth. Even nonsurgical methods like dermal fillers or BOTOX can reduce fine lines and rejuvenate a mom’s face making her look younger or more refreshed. Since a mommy makeover blends more than one type of cosmetic procedure, it is important that New Orleans area moms find an experienced, qualified, and reputable plastic surgeon such as Dr. Walters for your makeover process.

What Should You Look for In Your Plastic Surgeon?

When you improve something physically about yourself, it is also an emotional boost as well. You want a surgeon who will listen to your aesthetic goals as well as provide you with the best surgical care. Here are some factors to consider when looking for the right plastic surgeon for your mommy makeover:


Your plastic surgeon should have a lengthy list of happy clients. Plastic surgeons with extensive credentials and experience will give you the mommy makeover results you seek. Inquire about how often they have performed the cosmetic procedures you are interested in and ask to see any patient accolades or testimonials they have. Before and after photos will also help you see surgical results of previous patients who had similar procedures to what you are interested in.

Consultation and Compassion

It’s always a good idea to set up a consultation with your prospective mommy makeover plastic surgeon in New Orleans to discuss your options. How comfortable were you in your consultation? Did you feel they answered your questions? Did you feel like they listened to you? You want to come prepared to your mommy makeover consultation with a list of questions and make sure you take notes. This is your body and if you feel they took the time to listen to your aesthetic goals and gave you a thorough surgical plan for your makeover then that can help put your mind at ease that you are in good hands.

Results that Count

Experienced and qualified plastic surgeons like Dr. Walters don’t mind sharing their surgical expertise. If they come highly recommended by former patients, that is always a good sign. Feel free to do an online search of their practice and check out their website. You can get valuable information online, so in addition to talking to your prospective plastic surgeon during the consultation, doing your own personal research is crucial to finding the best plastic surgeon for your mommy makeover.

New Orleans women who want to reclaim their bodies after having children should consider a mommy makeover. Feel good again about how you look and let board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters help. Dr. Walters has helped numerous women get their bodies back and you can add yourself to his long list of moms that are happy with their results. We invite you to call or schedule your mommy makeover consultation with Dr. Walters today.

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