How To Find A Qualified Injector In New Orleans

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Who should you trust with your BOTOX® or Juvéderm® injections? Facial injections are widely available, and are even considered a routine anti-aging solution for anyone who wants to look younger. However, with the growing popularity comes an overwhelming number of injectors jumping on the bandwagon to offer cosmetic injectables, and not all of them have the experience or training necessary to provide a desirable outcome. Who should you trust with your face?

At Dr. Jules Walters in Metairie, LA, Dr. Jules Walters and his professional team help patients in the Greater New Orleans area get the cosmetic results they need. From wrinkle relaxers like BOTOX to plumping areas of the face with dermal fillers, Dr. Walters offers a variety of cosmetic solutions performed by skilled injectors who provide patients with stunning yet natural-looking results. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about what Dr. Walters and his experienced staff can do for you.

What Are the Benefits of An Experienced Injector?

With the rise in popularity of facial injections, there has been an influx of individuals trying to get into the cosmetic game, and not all of them are properly trained. Injectables, particularly BOTOX or wrinkle relaxers, should be administered by a qualified, trained professional or plastic surgeon. A skilled injector makes sure each injection is measured to match both sides of the face and is targeting the right muscles. If an untrained injector doesn’t use the right amount on both sides, the targeted area can look unbalanced or asymmetrical. Another risk is ptosis or droopiness if the wrong muscle is targeted by an unqualified injector. Here are some guidelines from Dr. Walters to help you find a skilled, experienced injector.

How to Find the Right Injector in New Orleans

Don’t shop by price alone

When considering facial injections, reputable practices like Dr. Jules Walters may not be your lowest-priced option but will have before-and-after images of patients to showcase the skill of their injectors. Your face and your appearance are important, which means that finding an experienced, qualified injector should be a top priority. It is better to get natural-looking, gorgeous results from a seasoned professional like Dr. Jules Walters than to get a disappointing outcome from an inexperienced injector.

Personal recommendations

Asking around or talking to someone who has had facial injections is an excellent way to find a skilled injector or cosmetic practice like Dr. Jules Walters. If a family member or friend has outstanding results from their BOTOX or Juvéderm treatments, ask them questions and find out about their experience. It is not uncommon for patients to find an injector from a trusted, personal reference.

Check patient reviews

Patient reviews are informative, and most reputable plastic surgeons post them on their practice website. Take time to do your homework, which means reading what patients around New Orleans have to say about their nonsurgical treatments. Did they like their results? Did they like the office and receive professional service? Would they return to that practice or injector? Reading reviews can be helpful in the decision-making process and hold a lot of weight when it comes to choosing the right place for you.

Before-and-after results

Today’s patients are typically seeking a more balanced, natural look from facial injections. For example, overly large lips are no longer a popular request. The team at Dr. Jules Walters will listen to the patient’s aesthetic goals during the consultation. After asking the patient to make certain facial expressions, your injector will determine where the BOTOX injections will be placed. If a patient needs to combine dermal fillers, your injector will recommend which types should be used and the areas that need to be targeted. Shaping is a key factor with fillers so that adjustments can be made to the cheeks, lips, chin, jawline, and more. If you want to know how well your injector can smooth out your complexion, add plumpness, or eliminate wrinkles, ask to see before-and-after photos of their actual patients.

Is Your Injector the Right Fit?

With new technology and treatments being introduced, it is crucial to find a practice like Dr. Jules Walters that offers the latest techniques and top-notch results. Women and now more men who want to tackle the signs of getting older without looking “overdone” should take the time to find the right injector. Qualified, experienced injectors have the knowledge to give each patient the right cosmetic “cocktail” for optimal results. Do your research, ask around, and take the time to look at before-and-after results of actual patients before you book your appointment.

If you are considering injectables or facial fillers in the greater New Orleans area, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jules Walters in Metairie, LA. Feel confident about who will be administering your anti-aging treatments and start your journey to looking more refreshed and younger today.

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