How To Find A Reputable Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon In New Orleans

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There has been a steady climb in the number of plastic surgery procedures done every year. More and more women and men are turning to the help of cosmetic surgery to improve a part of their body or fight the signs of aging. With advancements in medicine and technology, the cosmetic world is ever evolving offering more precise procedures, quicker recoveries, and advanced surgical techniques to their patients. But the one factor that remains the same is making sure you have the right plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery.

Finding the right, qualified plastic surgeon doesn’t have to be hard if you do your diligence and ask the right questions. In the end, your safety is most important. Second, getting the natural-looking, life-changing results can be achieved with the right surgeon.

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jules Walters of New Orleans, provide some helpful guidelines on how to find an experienced plastic surgeon for your cosmetic procedure so you can make the right decision before heading into surgery.


There is an agency called The American Board of Plastic Surgery to ensure the health and safety of individuals who have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery. Surgeons who are qualified and registered are members of this organization, which verifies their medical degrees, years of schooling, and training. It is the only organization that is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialities that certifies plastic surgeons. You are considering surgery so it is in your best interest to make sure your plastic surgeon is on this accredited list. You want to make sure your surgeon has expert knowledge and the right qualifications before choosing them to perform your cosmetic surgery.

Patient Recommendations

There are some things in life that are just better when recommended by someone you trust. In this day and age, cosmetic surgery is no longer a subject whispered about or considered taboo to talk about with others. More and more individuals, in the New Orleans area, are turning to cosmetic help. If you know someone who has had a procedure done why not ask about their experience and most importantly about the surgeon who performed it. You can see their results and get first hand knowledge about their experience. Did they feel comfortable with their surgeon? Did they feel their staff was knowledgeable and willing to help? Did they like their end results? If a patient gives a good recommendation about their experience, liked their end results, and above all, liked their surgeon then this is a good sign to consider this plastic surgeon.

Search the Internet

While googling “best plastic surgeons in New Orleans” is not a bad idea, it might make your task even more time consuming as names come up. Utilize the internet to research a particular surgeon you have heard about or that has been recommended. Look at their reviews and take a look at their website. Most qualified and experienced surgeons will have actual before and after photos of patients on their website for clients to review as well as patient testimonials. You can learn quite a bit about a potential doctor by just utilizing the internet.

Experience With Your Procedure

If you are considering a nose job, do you want to have a plastic surgeon that mainly does breast augmentations and maybe does a small amount of rhinoplasties each year? Most experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons are well versed in all areas of plastic surgery and will give patients the best end results regardless of the procedure but it is in your best interest to find a surgeon that has experience with the procedure you are choosing. Figure out what you want to have done then focus your search, in the New Orleans area, on plastic surgeons within that specialty.

Patient Safety Is Priority

A plastic surgeon’s office or surgical facility should be accredited and state regulated. This ensures a patient’s safety and that their surgeon has high standards for their practice with regular inspections being up to date. Also a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Jules Walters, will have affiliations and access to accredited facilities such as nearby hospitals in the New Orleans area in case of emergencies. Even though a rare occurrence, plastic surgeons should have access to medical facilities in the area should complications come up with any surgical procedure.

A Quality Consultation Is Key

A qualified, professional plastic surgeon will provide their patients with a consultation that allows their patients to ask detailed questions regarding their surgery and let patients share their overall expectations for it. In turn, the surgeon will give a comprehensive overview of the procedure, get a detailed overview of the patient’s health history and know their patient’s expectations. It is key to have a surgeon that listens to their patients needs and goals so both parties are on the same page prior to surgery.

Needing to find the right plastic surgeon in the New Orleans area? Do your homework, ask around and get recommendations but most importantly meet your surgeon for a consult. You need to feel comfortable about your cosmetic procedure and most importantly feel comfortable with the surgeon who is doing it. A qualified plastic surgeon, who is board-certified like Dr. Walters, should be a top priority when considering your plastic surgeon in the New Orleans area. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, call or schedule today your consultation with Dr. Jules Walters of the New Orleans area and let him help you get excited about your new look!

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