How to Heal Properly From a Labiaplasty Procedure

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Having an enlarged labia is not just embarrassing, it can also make you physically uncomfortable when participating in activities such as sex and exercise. At Dr. Jules Walters in New Orleans and Metairie, LA, we offer a procedure called labiaplasty to enhance your life and alleviate your struggles. During this surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters reduces the shape and size of the labia majora and/or minora. Patients can get labiaplasty as a standalone surgery to address the external lips of the vagina, or as part of a mommy makeover procedure.

Getting labiaplasty is a personal decision, and it’s possible you have some questions about the procedure and recovery process. Since labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure, the surgery and recovery period are minimal compared to invasive or extensive surgeries. To keep you feeling confident every step of the way, our clinic has prepared the following information about recovery. If you have additional questions or concerns, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Walters to learn more about labiaplasty procedures and how to heal at home.

Candidates for Labiaplasty Plastic Surgery

During your initial mommy makeover or labiaplasty consultation, Dr. Walters will take your medical history and examine the problem areas. At this time, you should let us know how your labia impacts your daily life and what you expect labiaplasty to accomplish. Though this surgery does not impact your ability to get pregnant or have children, Dr. Walters suggests waiting until you are done building your family to have labiaplasty, since a future pregnancy may affect your results.

Whether the tissue is enlarged due to childbirth or genetics, abnormal vaginal lips may be a cause of discomfort or irritation when engaging in activities like exercise and sexual intercourse. Enlarged tissue can also prevent patients from wearing form-fitting clothing such as leggings or swimsuits. Once it has been determined that you are a candidate for surgery, Dr. Walters will create a surgical plan to rejuvenate the vaginal skin and trim excess tissue for a refreshed appearance and increased comfort.

Preparing for Labiaplasty Surgery

In the weeks leading up to labiaplasty surgery, the staff at Dr. Jules Walters suggests you eat nutritious meals, drink plenty of water, and try to be as well-rested as possible. Establishing these healthy habits now will prepare your body and support a quicker recovery. Since patients require about one week to heal following their labiaplasty, schedule some time off from work and get extra help with household chores. Stock up on snacks and meals to eat post-surgery, as well as any prescriptions you may need.

To make recovery at home easier, Dr. Walters will discuss your personal treatment plan so you can make the right arrangements prior to your appointment. Labiaplasty can be completed with a local anesthetic or under general anesthesia based on the size and condition of the labia, so you may need a responsible friend or family member to pick you up after the appointment. Dr. Walters uses an advanced technique that cuts a triangular area of skin and extra folds from the clitoris before closing the tissue with stitches. This results in a natural-looking outcome with minimal scarring.

Home Recovery Tips

After your labiaplasty, you will receive post-surgical instructions about incision care. It is essential to follow these guidelines to avoid further discomfort or complications. Patients may experience temporary swelling and discomfort that can be relieved with a cold compress or ice pack. Always ask Dr. Walters before applying any solutions to the surgical area, and schedule follow-up visits so we can monitor your healing. Recovery varies from person to person, but most individuals can return to their routines within 1 – 2 weeks. However, you will need to refrain from sexual intercourse and tampon use for at least 4 – 6 weeks.

To minimize strain on the treatment site, patients should be careful not to participate in vigorous exercise or place too much weight on the vaginal area. Light walking is encouraged to promote good circulation, but activities that cause pressure on the labia, such as cycling, can damage the tissue and prevent it from healing. For questions or concerns about which activities may be harmful to the labia during recovery, please contact our office in New Orleans or Metairie, LA. If there is pronounced swelling or pain that does not resolve with medication, contact Dr. Walters at once so we can assist you.

Have Questions About Labiaplasty Recovery?

When an enlarged or abnormal labia makes everyday activities challenging, Dr. Walters is here to help. A less pronounced labia offers patients greater confidence and comfort. Whether you’re interested in labiaplasty as part of an overall mommy makeover or simply want to address the shape and size of your labia, you can learn more information about vaginal rejuvenation at Dr. Jules Walters in New Orleans and Metairie, LA. Dr. Jules Walters proudly specializes in aesthetic surgery and performs the latest treatments in the field. He can develop a unique treatment plan that works for you.

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