I Want to Have My Nose Reshaped but Don’t Want Surgery. What Are My Options?

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There’s a new method being used to reshape the nose that doesn’t require surgery, incisions, or extended downtime. A nonsurgical, or “liquid”, rhinoplasty can alter the appearance of the nose without ever having to enter the OR. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters located in New Orleans, LA has been using this method on his patients who desire nose reshaping but do not want to have surgery. Men and women throughout the New Orleans area have been pleasantly surprised with how much this nonsurgical procedure can change the appearance of their nose.

Try It on Before Surgery!

A liquid rhinoplasty is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that uses dermal fillers to reshape and improve the overall appearance of the nose. It is often used for men and women who do not want surgery or who are not quite ready to make the leap to have rhinoplasty. The filler can be used to correct mild irregularities such as a small nasal hump, bump, an irregular tip, to add projection, etc. The effects can be dramatic or subtle. Some people even refer to this procedure as a “5-minute nose job” because of how quick the procedure is and how great the results are. Because fillers do not last forever, some patients will seek nonsurgical rhinoplasty first for a while until they are comfortable with the new appearance of their nose and then often consider surgery for a long-term result.

Benefits of A Liquid Rhinoplasty

There are many benefits for patients who choose to have nonsurgical rhinoplasty. It’s a great alternative to surgery for those who are good candidates because it is:

  • Nonsurgical
  • Performed without incisions
  • Has no recovery time
  • Offers lasting results
  • Does not result in scars
  • Is virtually pain-free
  • Less expensive than surgery

How Does It Work?

A numbing agent is usually applied to the nose to help control any discomfort. Just like other injection, nonsurgical rhinoplasty involves the use of a fine needle (syringe) and gentle massaging until the right result is attained. Dr. Walters has seen the best results with Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Voluma fillers and prefers to use these to correct issues with the nose. These fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid and can be injected into the top, sides, or tip of the nose. These fillers are used to “fill” the areas around the bump to give the illusion of a perfectly straight nose.

What Issues Can It Correct?

Aliquid rhinoplasty can be used to correct and camouflage multiple issues with the nose. The tip of the nose can be smoothed out, made to look lifted or a bit sharper, and it can even out minor humps or bumps so they look smoother. The filler can also flatten a nasal bridge, and depressed areas can appear fuller. Crooked noses can also appear more balanced with the help of dermal fillers. While a liquid nose job does have some limitations, it can create great improvement for patients and correct a multitude of issues.

Is a Liquid Rhinoplasty Right for Me?

If you’re looking for a convenient way to improve the appearance of your nose then liquid rhinoplasty may be a good option to look into. Many people consider liquid rhinoplasty because they do not want to have surgery to correct their issues, while others are comforted in knowing that recovery time is minimal and they are free to resume their normal activities much quicker when compared to a traditional nose job. If your main goal is to reduce the size of the nose or correct breathing issues then liquid rhinoplasty is not suggested as it cannot correct these issues. In addition, a filler will not be able to improve or correct a nose that has been broken or is too thick.

An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to tell you if you are a candidate for this treatment and set realistic expectations as to what it can do for you.

Is There Any Recovery Time?

Following a liquid rhinoplasty patients are free to resume their normal daily routines. Some people even refer to this procedure as a lunchtime procedure because you’re in and out so quickly. It is advised to avoid any strenuous activities or heavy lifting for at least a few hours following the procedure. Some redness, swelling, and bruising may appear immediately following the procedure. If you develop these side effects they should resolve on their own within a few days. In some cases, minor touch-ups may be needed with additional filler, which can be performed easily during the follow-up appointment.

How Long Do Results Last?

Like most dermal fillers, results are not permanent, and last one year on average before they begin to dissolve. Sometimes the results can last longer, depending on what’s been done and the amount of filler that was used. The effects of the fillers will begin to fade over time and you’ll want to return to our office for a touch-up in order to keep your nose looking its best.

If a liquid rhinoplasty procedure sounds like something you’d be interested in getting, please give our New Orleans plastic surgery center a call to schedule an initial consultation. Dr. Walters will go over multiple important topics during your consultation including whether or not you’re a good candidate for a liquid rhinoplasty, potential complications, desired results, and pricing. Dr. Walters will also take the time to thoroughly answer any questions you may have about the procedure and also discuss if surgery may be a better option.

Not all cosmetic procedures require surgery, long recoveries, scarring, and weeks of downtime. Contact Dr. Jules Walters in New Orleans today to learn more about liquid rhinoplasty, and how it can change the look of your nose in minutes!

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