I’m Over 40. Am I A Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

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Women in their 40s often enjoy stability in their lives. Many are done with childbearing, and the toddler years are in the past. Life goals are falling into place, and it’s a time to refocus on self-care. This is why many women in their 40s are deciding to experience the benefits of breast augmentation. This surgery is often seen as an opportunity to embrace a new decade with an improved sense of self-confidence from a sexier silhouette they have long desired.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters of Dr. Jules Walters in New Orleans and Metairie, LA, thinks that middle-aged women make some of the best candidates for breast augmentation. As with any cosmetic surgery, it is essential to do adequate research and careful planning to help secure the best possible outcome. This diligence includes choosing appropriate-sized implants that are proportionate to your frame. To assist his patients in proper sizing, Dr. Walters uses the Vectra 3D Imaging system to provide a realistic simulation of how newly augmented breasts will look on their bodies. With this system, patients can get a better idea of what they will look like after surgery. An augmentation can enhance the appearance of the breasts by creating a more pleasing shape and adding volume that is complementary to a woman’s proportions.  

As with any cosmetic surgery, it is essential that patients in New Orleans and Metairie, LA, set realistic expectations for breast augmentation and their possible results. During your consultation, Dr. Jules Walters will formulate a surgical plan so you both are on the same page with the intended aesthetic goals. Many women find that cosmetic surgery later in life fits more easily into their schedules than their younger counterparts. Their families are now complete and careers are often established, so many women find their 40s to be an ideal time to undergo breast augmentation. 

A Fix for Moms

Any woman who has had children knows that your body is not the same following pregnancy and breastfeeding. Often, it causes changes to the size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts. Women with more mature families love the results of their augmentation and often choose to lift their sagging breasts at the same time.

Add a Lift

Many women know that implants can increase the size of the breasts, but they may not be aware that sagging breasts will not be improved without a lift. With age, elasticity is lost, resulting in breasts often unable to adequately support the increased size of the implant. This is why many patients include a breast lift in conjunction with augmentation. Once the breasts are elevated to a higher position on the chest, Dr. Walters masterfully removes any excess skin. He then reshapes the tissue encapsulating the implant to craft natural-looking results. Although this procedure may result in some additional scarring on the breasts, most patients agree that the dramatic results are worth it.  

Plan Your Recovery

Despite the enormous popularity of this procedure, it is essential to remember that breast augmentation is considered major surgery. Plan for a recovery period to give your body ample time to heal. There will be limitations on certain upper body movements following surgery, so assistance from others to perform daily tasks is helpful. Patients also may need to take time off from work to heal thoroughly.


Women in their 40s are advised to have routine screening mammograms to check for breast cancer. It is common for patients to question if their implants will interfere with any findings. In most cases, Dr. Walters is able to place implants behind the chest muscles, which not only looks great but also makes for better screening results. It is essential to advise the radiologist who performs the mammogram that you have implants, as this may require additional images to be taken. Another concern among New Orleans and Metairie-area women is if their implants could rupture as a result of the mammogram. Today, implants are made from tough, FDA-approved silicone or saline, making this is unlikely to occur. 

Are You Ready for A New and Improved You?

Regardless of age, women should feel confident in their appearance. Many have been unhappy with their breast size and droopy appearance and wish to restore youthful fullness to their bustline. The results of this procedure can be life-changing, no matter what your age. Ladies, you’ve likely done the hard work, and the time is now to focus on yourselves. If you live in the New Orleans or Metairie, LA, areas, we encourage you to call Dr. Jules Walters today to schedule an appointment with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters. Your consultation will provide an in-depth look at the many benefits of breast augmentation and if it’s the right choice for you. 

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