Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty: How Fillers Have Changed the Nose Job Game

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Noses come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t always mean that you’re happy with the one you were given. For many years rhinoplasties, also known as nose jobs, have been one of the most commonly requested procedures by patients. If you’re interested in altering the shape of your nose, but are hesitant about undergoing a surgical procedure then a liquid rhinoplasty may just be the solution for you. Dr. Jules Walters performs nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedures with dermal fillers and New Orleans patients can’t believe how a few injections into the nose can alter its appearance right before their very eyes.

What Is a Liquid Rhinoplasty?

A liquid rhinoplasty is a non-invasive procedure that uses dermal fillers to add volume and improve the appearance of the nose for minor to moderate irregularities. Dr. Walters prefers to use Juvederm and Juvederm Voluma as these types of hyaluronic acid fillers have produced the best results on his New Orleans, LA area patients. The fillers are injected into various areas of the nose in order to give it a more symmetrical, smooth appearance. This minimally invasive procedure is also known as the “5 minute nose job” as it doesn’t require any surgery, incisions, or extended downtime. This procedure is not recommended for patients that are attempting to correct breathing issues or reduce the size of their nose.

Why Are so Many People Raving About Liquid Rhinoplasty?

It’s Incredibly Quick

Patients love the convenience of this procedure. You can schedule an appointment, have your injections, and be on your way in under 30 minutes. Some people even schedule this procedure during their lunch break because it can be completed so quickly.

It Does Not Cause Pain

Surgery, no matter how advanced the procedure has become, still involves some level of discomfort or pain due to incisions being made to complete the procedure. One of the benefits of nonsurgical rhinoplasty is that there is no pain associated with the treatment. A numbing cream is applied prior to injecting the filler. The procedure can offer visible results, minus the surgery, discomfort, and recovery time.

Results Can Last up To One Year

The great thing about these fillers is that you won’t have to come in several times a year in order to maintain your look. The effects of Juvederm can be seen for up to a year following the procedure. If you feel like the results are starting to fade faster than you’d like then you can

simply give us a call and schedule a quick visit to our New Orleans plastic surgery office for a touch-up.

There’s No Downtime

Unlike a rhinoplasty, there is virtually no downtime with a liquid rhinoplasty procedure. You won’t need to take time off from work, or spend your time recovering at home in bed. This procedure will allow you to resume your normal day’s activities without issue. Some patients do experience a little redness or swelling at the injection site, but this should disappear within a day or two.

Get Ready for Instant Results

There’s no need to wait weeks to remove a bandage or wait for the results to appear. A liquid rhinoplasty provides instant and dramatic results. You can walk out of our office and enjoy your new nose immediately.

Results Can Be Reversed

Dr. Walters uses hyaluronic acid fillers on patients during a nonsurgical rhinoplasty. These fillers are safe to use for cosmetic enhancements and approved by the FDA. But even better, if you are not sure you like the results or if a complication should ever arise, then this type of filler can be dissolved by the use of a special enzyme. Though this is rare, this does provide some patients some ease going into this treatment.

It’s Non-Invasive

Often times many patients avoid or delay correcting issues with their nose because they don’t want to have to undergo surgery and the risks or potential complications that come with it. You won’t have to worry about any of this with a liquid rhinoplasty. No anesthesia, no surgery, and no recovery time!

What can a liquid rhinoplasty correct?

Bumps and Humps

A pronounced bump or hump on the end of the nose can be treated with a liquid rhinoplasty procedure. The areas around the bulge are filled with dermal filler and this increase in volume makes the nose appear straight and the bump will no longer be recognizable.

Tips of The Nose

Some patients have a drooping tip of the nose or a small tip. Fillers can add volume to these areas and improve the appearance.

Misalignment Issues

Noses that were once crooked and out of alignment can appear straight with the help of a little filler. The surgeon injects specific areas around the nose in order to give the illusion that the nose is straight.


Patients that have dents or depressions on their nose can see excellent results with a liquid rhinoplasty. A few injections and these imperfections can be smoothed and made to look even and soft.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The best way to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for this procedure is by contacting our New Orleans plastic surgery office to setup a consultation. Dr. Walters will use this time to conduct an examination of your nose, discuss your problem areas, and suggest a treatment plan. While a liquid rhinoplasty can provide excellent results it is important to have realistic expectations going into this procedure. Fillers can only do so much and depending on your issues and expectations you may see better results with a rhinoplasty procedure.

A liquid rhinoplasty can provide dramatic results without ever having to step foot inside of an operating room. Contact us today to see how a little filler can go a long way.

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