Tips To Ensure A Healthy Recovery After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Every patient recovers differently from breast augmentation surgery. All patients have different levels of pain tolerance as well as their body’s natural response to recover from surgery. Other factors that change the scope of recovery are what size implant is used, how the implants are placed (under or on top of the chest muscle), and overall surgical skill. In addition, how closely a patient follows the post-operative recovery guidelines makes the difference. Dr. Jules Walters in New Orleans is a board-certified plastic surgeon that offers not only his surgical expertise and experience with breast augmentation, but he also offers his patients the Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation. Here are some general tips on recovering from breast augmentation along with the new and improved way to heal faster after this popular surgery

What’s All the Buzz About? 

With advancements in medical technology, breast augmentation recovery has a new cutting edge approach being able to offer patients a more rapid recovery to get them back on their feet and loving their new look sooner! Rapid Recovery breast augmentation is an approach providing patients with improved post-surgical recovery tips allowing for low-impact moves and stretches, and more efficient surgical techniques that lead to less downtime. More and more skilled surgeons are using the Rapid Recovery approach to offer their patients the ability to attain the augmentation results they desire, while getting back to their daily lives quicker.

Post-Op Milestones 

Outside the realm of Rapid Recovery breast augmentation, a typical breast augmentation procedure has a few milestones you will reach post-operatively so you will know you are on the right track. Most patients should have help or care for at least the first 24-48 hours. You can expect to take a shower on the day after your surgery. Most patients can return to work after just a few days dependent on job functions. By week 4 you can resume normal exercise but avoid exercises that target the chest area. At around 6 weeks you can begin to see the signs of your new look take on their full effect.

Follow Doctor’s Orders 

After your breast augmentation surgery, the best advice you can be given is to follow your doctor’s orders and post-operative care instructions. Your surgeon is there to help guide you through the process. An experienced surgeon, like Dr. Walters, has helped countless New Orleans patients recover from breast augmentation surgery. Your surgeon knows the recovery pattern for which type of augmentation you had (silicone, saline or a fat transfer) as well as the placement of the implant (on top or underneath the muscle). Knowing the ins and outs of your surgery allows your surgeon to help you adjust or modify your recovery plan as well your pain medication if needed. Following the post-operative instructions provided and attending all scheduled follow-up appointments are key factors for your recovery.

Implant Care 

It is normal after surgery that your implants will feel hard or firm. They may also sit higher than you expect but over time they will begin to settle in and be located in a more desirable position. Give your body and your implants time to heal and adjust properly. If your surgeon gives instructions to routinely massage them, then follow that recommendation. At first, it is helpful to sleep on your back or propped up with pillows. Wear all surgical bras and other garments recommended by your surgeon and for the length of time they prescribe. Even if you are feeling back to normal, your implants will take up to 6 weeks to start looking and feeling like a normal part of you!

Other Tips for A Healthy Recovery

Breast implants can be life-changing for New Orleans women. Even though recovery from this surgery is quicker than ever before, women need to listen to their bodies, get plenty of rest, and pick a caregiver prior to surgery. You will not be able to do many of your daily routines right after surgery. You will need to focus on allowing your body heal. Choose someone to help grab your groceries or cook dinner for the first couple of days after surgery. Better yet, have it prepped and ready before you even enter the OR! If you have small children, understand that you won’t be able to pick up after them or chase them around. These are basic tips that we explain to all of our patients. Patients going into a surgery that arehealthy, well-rested and have maintained a balanced diet are more likely to have a smooth post-recovery experience. Another factor that is extremely important is to maintain a positive mental attitude. It is amazing what that can do to enable your body to heal after surgery.

With today’s new surgical techniques, recovery from breast augmentation has become increasingly easier. Also, with Rapid Recovery breast augmentation used now more often than not, by experienced plastic surgeons, women are able to get back on their feet faster than ever. There is no better time like the present to enhance your look with the breasts you always wanted. Worrying about recovery is no longer a reason to put off considering breast augmentation so you can get the look you desire! Call or schedule your breast augmentation  consultation with Dr. Jules Walters in the New Orleans area today

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