Why Patients Should Avoid BOTOX® Bars for Facial Wrinkles

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Millions of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures take place every year in the United States. This includes the use of BOTOX, a neurotoxin that acts as a wrinkle relaxer. While these enhancements are usually performed at a skilled physician’s office, many people are turning to more convenient settings to get their injectables. Often called “BOTOX bars,” these salons are less clinical and more casual, raising concerns about potential risks for patients. 

At Dr. Jules Walters in the Greater New Orleans area, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters educates patients on the importance of safety when it comes to injectable options like face fillers and BOTOX. If you have contemplated getting BOTOX injections to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in your facial features, reach out to our friendly practice and see what we have to offer. When done right, BOTOX for face wrinkles can provide the subtle, natural-looking results you are looking for. 

Why should I use BOTOX? 

BOTOX is a facial rejuvenation treatment that offers wonderful results for women and men alike. It works by addressing dynamic wrinkles, which are the result of making facial expressions such as frowning or laughing. To diminish the appearance of these creases, BOTOX temporarily freezes the underlying tissue and muscle. Once it is carefully injected in strategic areas, the skin appears softer and more relaxed. Dr. Jules Walters most often uses BOTOX for face wrinkles between the eyebrows and around the eyes as well as throughout the forehead. 

What a professional injector can do 

An initial consultation with your injector should tell them everything they need to know about your skin care concerns and problem areas. A true professional should ask about your medical history and any allergies you may have to make sure BOTOX is the right solution for you. They will also ask you to make certain facial expressions to determine where the injection can be best used. For example, the injection sites may differ if you are trying to get rid of Crow’s feet as opposed to frown lines between the brows. The right injector should also know how to make additional recommendations based on your needs, such as fillers to improve dramatic lines. 

BOTOX for face wrinkles at Dr. Jules Walters is completed as an outpatient procedure, usually on the same day as your consultation. Dr. Walters will prepare the face before using a fine needle to inject BOTOX. Patients may ask for a numbing cream before treatment to make the experience more comfortable. The injections take about 10 – 15 minutes, and after treatment, you can return to your day with little to no downtime. 

Experience counts

While it is perfectly safe and legal for non-physicians to administer facial fillers and BOTOX, patients should be wary of inexperienced individuals who do not inject BOTOX in safe conditions. At BOTOX bars, the injector may not ask about your history with injections or learn about your goals for treatment. Finding the most effective location for injections is a very important part of the process, so you may not get the best results. While we understand that BOTOX bars are a little more convenient, Dr. Walters firmly believes that skill is far more essential to this equation. 

The staff at Dr. Jules Walters makes sure that individuals are aware of the side effects and potential risks of getting BOTOX injections in New Orleans and Metairie, LA. The people who run BOTOX bars, however, may not have the same priorities as a medical facility. When patients are not informed, they are more likely to accidentally interfere with the results. You should remember that when you make an appointment for BOTOX injections, you place your trust in the provider. This is why it’s best to get credentialed and qualified injectors for treatment. 

How to get the most natural results 

With face fillers and BOTOX, you will want to get the most natural outcome possible. A great injector has no problem starting the process with small treatments, then adding more if you want a more dramatic look. Too much BOTOX, or BOTOX injected into the wrong areas, can lead to an artificial-looking appearance. After a discussion, your injector should be upfront about what you need, even if it means turning to an alternative treatment. Managing realistic expectations is an important part of the job. 

Treat facial wrinkles safely 

One final warning about seeking out face fillers and BOTOX at a BOTOX bar. If the cost seems too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, when you seek out discount services, you usually get what you pay for. Experienced surgeon Dr. Jules Walters is ready to help you discover quality treatment when getting BOTOX injections. If you are in the New Orleans or Metairie, LA, area, we invite you to discover more about this revolutionary option for fine lines and wrinkles at Dr. Jules Walters.

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